Munser II
Munser II mates at Gut Neumühl as of May, 2011      Gut Neumühl

Munser II      Prh ***                                           Foto: foto-ruechel.de

German riding pony - Brown Dappled

born 1998, 145  cm hands high

Approved for German riding ponies and Lewitzschecken.

Reserve winner of bonitation in Mecklenburg-North Pommerania. 
Stallion performance test Neustadt/Dosse 8.09

Character and commitment 10.0

"Commanding in jumping and always
attentive" he was judged when jumping a cross-country course during the Federal Championships 2004. He received 9.2 and the rating "very good".


Two sons of Munser II passed the stallion inspection. His son, Mr. Bean ranked 3rd at the Federal Championship of the 5-6- years old trial ponies.


His father Maccardo was vize champion of the 5-years old, and champion of the 6-years old show jumping ponies, respectively.

Maccardo is father of 6 succesfully inspected stallions.

Munser I (winner of the inspection in Redefin) and Munser III (winner of the inspection in Prussendorf) are also out of the mare Gausi.



2002 - Champion of Saxony (4 years-old riding ponies)

2003 - Champion of Saxony in show jumping and dressage, qualified for the Federal Championships in dressage, show jumping and trial. Ranked 3rd at the Federal Championships in Warendorf (eventing ponies) and ranked 10th (show jumping)

2004 - Champion of Saxony (dressage, show jumping and trial; level L), Federal Vize Champion (eventing), placed at the derby in Nördlingen, participation in the German Championships in show jumping

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