Our Breeding Mares (Riding Pony)
Avellina  - born in 1994
LP, Prämienstute ***

Avellina was born at the Wiesengut in July, 1994 (breeder: O. Behnisch). Her father, Viorello is a son by the stallion Valido who is well-known at European level. Valido produced 25 inspected stallions and 25 inspected breeding mares. Viorello was successful in dressage (level M) and was sold to Italy to continue his career. Anja, the mother of Avellina was succesfull in carriage contests with O. Boehnisch.  

Twobits was born in 1999 out of Avellina and is successfull in dressage, show jumping and trial (level M).

Avellina was sold as sports pony and gathered success in dressage, show jumping and trial (level L). She was member of the Saxonian rider's team (rider: H. Schädlich).

Since 2011, Avellina is back as breeding mare.



Very Important


Medy Verb.Pr.St.

Merafic ox

Manola 2451

Amsel B 734 H

Gharib ben Lancer ox

Polish Lancer ox

Granada ox H 1426/74

Anka B 514


    Puppe B 678

Topas Gold  - born in 1989
Gold medal at the mare inspection in Aschberg
Silver medal at the mare inspection in Rhaden-Varl

Riding pony mare by stallion Rosedale Tiberius out of inspected breeding mare Venty.

He was awarded a silver medal in 1991 and a gold medal in 1992 by the horse breeding association of Westfalen.

His father, Rosedale Tiberius (grown in England) produced numerous inspected breeding mares as well as 9 inspected stallions - among them top stallions like Merlin, Till the Champ, and Traumfürst (winner of the stallion inspection in 1998).

Till the Champ won the stallion inspection in 1986 in Münster-Handorf and ranked 2nd at the Federal championships in 1987 and 1988, respectively.

Traumfürst was Federal Champion at Verden in 1990.

The pedigree is completed by the inspected breeding mare Venty out of Nadja 487. Nadja 487 is by the stallion Nazim 210 (full blood shares) and out of Anja.

Rosedale Tiberius

Tanlan Julius Caesar

Downland Chevalier

Melai Ruthene

Arctic Pearl of Rosedale Rpm.

Tobboganist G.S.B.


St.Pr.St. Venty


PrH Valentino


Verb.El.St. Nadja



Cessidi - born in 1997
inspected breeding mare

Cessidi is of the stallion Brilliant who was imported from the U.K..Brilliant was successful in dressage contests up to level S and produced 35 inspected sons and 23 inspected breeding mares.

Although he predominantly inherits ability for dressage, his progeny is successful in all facettes of horse sports. According to the breeding value estimation of the FN he ranks among the top ten stallions for years. He ranks 3rd among stallions for dressage.

Cessidi is linked to Arab blood by Zytrus ox. She was grown by us, was awarded the Verbandsprämie in 2000 at the Saxonian elite mare presentation in 2000 and ranked 6th among the mares of the association. 



Piran John Halifax

Bwlch Hill Wind

Arden Domino R.P.M. 1585

St.Lawrence Lilactime

Arthur Sullivan xx

Downland Candytuft

Carina B 1528 H

Zytrus ox

Mors AV ZRAV 3318 EGSB 265

Zygrafa ox H 1582/75 R

Cessy B 185

Galib ben Afas ox 1273

Ceila B 107

Carmeta - born in 1992
LP, HM, Prämienstute ***

Grando Voltaire

Gharib ben Lancer ox

Polish Lancer ox

Granada AV 263/68 EGSB 89 ox 1

Viktoria B 713 H

Panter B 44

Verietta B 717

Carina B 1528 H

Zytrus ox

Mors AV ZRAV 3318 EGSB 265

Zygrafa ox H 1582/75 R

Cessy B 185

Galib ben Afas ox 1273

Ceila B 107

Fantasie - geb.  2003





Birthe B 562 H

Orcus I B 40

Biene B 440

Filutessa xx

Cil xx

Luciano xx

Cis xx

Firma xx

Zigeunersohn xx

Figura xx

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